Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) Conference Grant

General Information

ITC Conference Grants are are aimed at young researchers and innovators from Inclusive Target Countries (ITC*) and Near Neighbor Country (NNC**). This networking activity helps individuals attend beneficial international conferences that are not organised by COST Actions.

  • Maximum amount: up to EUR 2000,00 per grant for face-to-face conferences OR EUR 500,00 for virtual conferences [amount decided by the Action MC or Core Group, based on the proposal of the applicant, should be justified by an appropriate length and the location of the Conference and the actual conference fee]

The ITC Conference Grantee receives support for attending and presenting their own work at a high-level conference, increase their visibility in the research community and can establish new contacts for future collaborations. ITC Conference Grants serve COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy and can contribute to increasing visibility of the Action.


In order to receive an ITC Conference grant, the applicant must:

1. Qualify as an individual from an ITC or NNC.

2. Register on e-COST platform and submit the online application form called "Conference Grant Request".

[title of presentation, conference title, date within the active grant period, country, budget requested, attendance type].

3. Upload necessary documents on e-COST for internal reporting for COST

[Application form (template on e-COST) describing relevance of the conference topic to the Action and motivation describing the potential for impact on the applicant’s career, copy of the abstract of the accepted oral presentation (poster presentations are only supported under special circumstances, please get in touch with Joao Paulo Teixeira), acceptance letter from the conference organisers / certificate of attendance, additional documents (e.g. recommendation letter, program of the conference or book of abstracts)]

4. Successful applicants are expected report to the Action MC on the outcome of the presentation, to present their work during PROCLIAS meetings and write a short summary of the presentation / conference for the PROCLIAS website.

Please refer to the ITC section of the COST Annotated rules before you submit an application.

For any questions and further information please contact João Paulo Teixeira.

*ITC = Countries or Regions of the COST Full Members and associated countries as defined by the EC. Individuals affiliated to legal entities therein vested may benefit from dedicated support that enables participation in COST activities.

**NNC = Non-COST Near Neighbour Countries (see present COST Rules). Individuals affiliated to legal entities therein vested may benefit from dedicated support that enables participation in COST Action activities.