WG 4: Communication and dissemination of climate impacts

WG 4 brings together scientists and key experts in the field of climate policy support and stakeholder engagement.

The focus of WG 4 is to enable discussions about efficient communication and dissemination of climate impact studies, especially with regard to cross-sectoral climate impacts and climate impact attribution. It will discuss how to use various communication channels to address different stakeholders that need to be informed about the same issue, e.g. how to communicate best about the impacts associated with the 1.5 or 2°C target to a group of negotiators or to the general public. Or how to address stakeholders with very specific demands, e.g. about regional adaptation strategies.

Moreover, WG4 will dedicate TGs to discussing challenges of collecting critical, detailed socio-economic data from regional experts that, as part of a co-production of knowledge process, could help to improve regional climate impact simulations. The networking tools of COST in WG 4 will foster further exchange between the members of PROCLIAS and wider stakeholder groups ensuring that their needs and views are represented in the generation of climate impact information. Through dedicated Short-Term Scientific Missions, contributions to existing climate Impact platforms (e.g. ISIPedia) can be generated displaying results of WG 2 and WG 3.


Inga Menke, Ann van Grievensen