WG 1: Common datasets and protocols for climate impact modelling

WG1 brings together scientists that are experts in handling data that are relevant for climate impact simulations and have experience in developing climate impact modelling protocols.

The focus of WG1 is especially on developing protocols that combine climatic data including past and future climate simulations from Regional and Global Climate Models as well as socioeconomic data such as Gross
Domestic Product (GDP), population and land-use data.

The WG will follow existing scenario frameworks, most notably the RCP-SSP framework also widely used by the IPCC and IPBES. The WG will for example support endeavours to select data and harmonize data for climate impact studies by discussing conceptual issues such as which climate models to select from the large number of CMIP scenario runs to keep the number of impact simulations as low as possible while still covering large parts of the scenario space but also technical issues such as how to handle leap years in the climate data.

Potential TGs that are central to the success of the WG and which will be created at the beginning of PROCLIAS cover the following tasks: data management, data harmonization, quality assurance and checking and developing cross-sectoral impact modelling protocols. The networking tools of COST in WG1 will improve the technical skills of the impact modelling community to handle large datasets and complex file formats while also unravelling the benefits and caveats of using common protocols for multi-model ensemble simulations. The data, code and protocols produced as part of this WG and its STSMs will be made available under a Creative Commons license to maximize its utilization beyond this Action.


Laura Dobor, Wim Thiery