Currently inactive task groups

Following Task Groups are currently inactive. If you are interested in taking part in one of the Task Groups and reviving them, please get in touch.

Task Group 1.4: big data storage

  • Growing data volumes as we move to ISIMIP3
  • Identify and alleviate potential constraints
  • Interface with Copernicus CDS? ISI-access: better accessing with regard to search function, metadata, evaluation/quality information (link to ISIpedia article).
  • Narrow sense: ISIMIP/PIK problem, wide sense: how to share data.
  • km-scale data: GEE, CDS as options, no cropping solution yet. DKRZ as intermediate solution for km-scale data?

Task Group 1.8: Subdaily forcing fields

  • Subdaily data and improved Bias adjustment
  • Inventory of regional impact models that require high-resolution input data, see differences between countries

Task Group 1.9: GCM selection

  • Number of GCMs
  • How are they selected?
  • Sharing experiences of how people select GCMs, this is a wider topic in impact modelling (e.g. also for regional studies).

Task Group 1.10: Global Water Quality Modelling Protocoll

Task Group 1.10 and 3.9 have been merged. Please see Task Group 3.9.