6th STSM Call closes

The call is open from 15th May 2023 until 20th June 2023.

Please find any information about the STSM Grant here.


The call is open from 15th May 2023 until 20th June 2023. Submitted applications will be evaluated after 20th June 2023. Final decisions will be made not later than 28th June, 2023. The start of STSM can be planned from 1st July 2023 onwards. The STSM should be finished before 30th October 2023.

In order to receive an STSM grant, the applicant must:

  1. Obtain the written agreement of both the host institution (letter of invitation) and the home institution (letter of support) before submitting your application. These can be official letters or emails.
  2. Complete the online application form at the following web address: https://e-services.cost.eu/stsm.
  3. Send the completed file as an e-mail attachment together with the supporting documents (listed below) to the STSM host institution, the Grant Awarding coordinator (Katarína Merganičová, merganicova@forim.sk) and the MC Chair (Christopher Reyer, reyer@pik-potsdam.de).
  4. Besides the internal reporting for COST, successful applicants are expected to present their work during PROCLIAS meetings and write a short summary of the STSM for the PROCLIAS website.


Please refer to the Guidance document of PROCLIAS for STSM, the STSM section of the COST Annotated Rules (PDF, 1.3 MB) and the Grant Awarding User Guide (PDF, 1.14 MB) before you submit an application.