A Fruitful Beginning: The Inaugural ISIMIP Groundwater and Global Water Sector Workshop

First joint paper writing workshop of the ISIMIP groundwater and global water sector in Mainz

This March, the halls of Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz buzzed with quiet intensity as we hosted the first-ever joint workshop for the groundwater sector and the global water sector of the ISIMIP (Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project). The workshop was a successful step forward, focusing on the collaborative effort of paper writing. It thus marks a continuation of previous successful paper writing workshops for the global water sector, which have been carried out at the University of Frankfurt in the past years.


The workshop brought together a dedicated group of professionals from both sectors, each contributing their unique expertise and insights. This thoughtful gathering aimed at harnessing collective expertise to address the complexities of groundwater and global water challenges, highlighting the importance of each participant's contribution.

The primary aim was to develop concrete ideas for papers that would significantly contribute to the body of knowledge in the coming years. The event was marked by a collaborative spirit, with participants working together to outline papers and set a direction for future research. The first day focused on discussions of 6 different paper ideas in various stages of development from both sectors, setting the stage for the intense discussions about the sectors' future and their interactions on the second day.

Both sectors will continue their intense collaboration, and a new workshop in Wageningen for 2025, likely also in cooperation with the water quality sector, is on the horizon.