DAMOCLES-PROCLIAS workshop on use of ISIMIP data for compound climate impacts

A 2-day workshop was held at Uppsala University, Sweden, on the 21st and 22nd March 2022.

by Gabriele Messori

The workshop gathered 12 researchers from the DAMOCLES (CA17109) and PROCLIAS (CA19139) Cost Actions and the Dept. of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University. The aim of the workshop was to develop concrete ideas to leverage the ISIMIP dataset in a compound climate impacts perspective.

After a short round of scientific presentations, the workshop focused on discussions and brainstorming in small groups, and ultimately resulted in three proposed research ideas. The first idea consisted in analysing compound drivers of floods linked to atmospheric rivers based on observations and the ISIMIP simulations; the second on bottom-up and top-down diagnostics of compound extreme event impacts on crop prices using ISIMIP simulations; and the third on producing a global map of indices of concurrent/consecutive extreme event impacts using the ISIMIP simulations. Discussions and work have continued after the workshop, and our hope is that these interactions will lead to advances in our understanding of compound climate impacts.