PROCLIAS Taskgroup 3.11 – Expert Elicitation Workshop in Prague

Expert elicitation of heat warning systems and heat action plans took place in Prague on June 6.

by Aleš Urban

Eleven people on-site and more than 20 participants online attended a day-long expert elicitation event hosted by the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. The aim of the event was to exchange the experience in development and implementation of heat early warning systems and heat-and-health action plans (i.e. heat prevention measures) in Europe. In the morning session, the experts (namely Dr. Martin Hynčica, Dr. Lidia Srnec, Dr. Werner Hagens, Prof. Andreas Matzarakis, Dr. Francesca de’ Donato and Dr. Martina Ragettli) presented the heat prevention strategies in their countries (Czech Republic, Croatia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland).

In the afternoon session, the participants filled in a questionnaire that focused on the individual components of heat prevention measures and their importance reduce heat-related mortality. The questionnaire was followed-up by a round table discussion about issues and challenges related to an efficient heat warning and prevention. As far as now, 21 experts participated in the questionnaire (Figure 1). Results of the expert elicitation will be used to improve the typology of heat prevention measures in Europe, as collected in a catalogue developed by TG 3.11. The typology has been used in a study on the “Efficiency of heat warning systems to prevent heat-related mortality in Europe” that is assumed to be finalized and submitted by the of this year.

Figure 1 Expertise of the participants in the expert elicitation of heat prevention measures.