Exploring Visual Communications: Insights from the COST Academy Canva Training.

Discover how the Cost Academy Canva Training empowered academics with the tools and knowledge to create visually compelling content tailored to academic contexts, fostering collaboration and innovation in visual communication.


The Cost Academy Canva Training, held on February 28th, 2024, at the Cost Association office in Brussels, was a pivotal event for representatives from various COST actions seeking to bolster their visual communication competencies. As the science co-coordinator of our COST action, I had the privilege of partaking in this enriching session. The training commenced with an in-depth exploration of Canva's functionalities, covering the creation of infographics, social media posts, presentations, and videos. Participants delved into the platform's user-friendly interface and learned to craft visually compelling content tailored to academic contexts.

Throughout the training, attendees gained practical insights into leveraging Canva's tools to convey complex information effectively. From selecting templates to incorporating engaging visuals and seamless transitions, every aspect of visual communication was meticulously addressed. Moreover, the integration of AI within Canva showcased the platform's potential to streamline design processes and enhance creativity, offering participants a glimpse into the future of visual communication technologies.

The training culminated in a collaborative Q&A session, providing participants with an opportunity to exchange ideas and clarify concepts. This interactive segment fostered a sense of community among attendees, enriching the learning experience. Armed with newfound skills and insights, participants departed the Cost Academy Canva Training equipped to elevate the dissemination and impact of their research within their respective COST actions.