ISIMIP Lake Sector Writing Paper Workshop 2023

Building on the ISIMIP Lake Sector Procotol developed in PROCLIAS TG1.5 in the past year, a Paper Writing Workshop was held on March 28th-29th, 2023, at the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) in Girona, Spain.

by Rafael Marcé and Daniel Mercado

The attendees included in-person and virtual participants, and they were from different fields, including lake modeling, climate change impact assessments, and water quality management. The workshop started with a welcome and an introduction to the workshop's objectives and logistics. Attendees were requested to introduce themselves, including their name, affiliation, and their area of interest.

The workshop's presentations included discussions on numerical experiments in ISIMIP3, models used in ISIMIP3 simulations, and the worldwide impact of eutrophication and climate change on lake hypoxia. The importance of calibrating lake models to accurately simulate the impacts of climate change on lakes and their associated ecosystems was also emphasized. Another presentation discussed the impact of global climate oscillations on lake temperature and how they can be incorporated into ISIMIP simulations. The final presentation discussed the importance of using models to predict the impacts of climate change on water quality and how these models can be used to optimize water quality management.

The second day of the workshop included presentations on the sensitive time window of selective withdrawal strategies in mitigating climate warming effects on Germany's largest drinking water reservoir, climatic change in the ice structure of small boreal lakes, and potential benefits and challenges of simulating climate change impacts on lake ecology. Attendees were then divided into groups for open discussions on the various topics addressed during the workshop. They provided a final feedback or take-home message for each paper idea.

The workshop concluded with a wrap-up session that provided an opportunity for attendees to share their research ideas, engage in open discussions, and learn from other researchers' experiences. Overall, the workshop served as a platform for future research collaboration among attendees based on their knowledge and experiences. This collaboration is expected to help advance research in the field of lake modeling and climate change impact assessments.

We very much thank EU COST Association and the COST Action CA19139 PROCLIAS for supporting this workshop.

Please follow the links if you want to learn more about TG1.3, TG1.5 and WG1. Also see the report from the last Paper Writing Workshop in Frankfurt.