STSM at the TUM School of Life Sciences

Sarah Hilfiker spent nearly two weeks in Freising within an STSM.

by Sarah Hilfiker

During this STSM, I got the chance to visit the ‘ecosystem dynamics and forest management in mountain landscapes’ group in Freising at TUMunich and profit from there modelling expertise with the forest landscape model iLand. I have learned how to independently use the model, set up landscapes, implement different management options and also how to use the developers version to create new model versions. As it is my goal to study structural uncertainty in forest landscape models I will work with several models which would not be possible without the help of different modelling experts.

Besides a technical crash-course in using the forest landscape model iLand, we also got the chance to exchange expertise about different forest landscape modelling approaches and analyze the possibility to compare results of both models and harmonize input data.

Finally, this STSM allowed me to form research collaborations with fellow forest landscape ecologists which will be extremely beneficial for future work, exchange and also my personal motivation. I enjoyed getting the chance to attend to and participate in all a paper club, public presentation, lab meeting and friday night beers.

If you are interested in doing an STSM, please find more information here.