Attributing heat-related mortality to anthropogenic warming.

Another STSM at Land-Climate Dynamics Group, ETH Zürich!

by Thessa Beck

During my month-long stay at the Land-Climate Dynamics Group at ETH Zurich, I worked with Sonia Seneviratne and Lukas Gudmundsson on quantifying the human-induced climate change contribution to the heat-related mortality burden during the summer of 2022 in Europe.

By combining extreme event attribution methods with epidemiological models, we wanted to develop a new impact attribution method that allows us to attribute heat-related mortality events on different temporal and spatial scales to human-induced climate change.

The STSM resulted in a fruitful exchange with many members of the LandClim Group opening up the opportunity for new collaborations on this cross-section between climate and health.

I would like to thank the whole LandClim Group at ETH Zurich for their support during my stay in Switzerland, and the EU COST Association/CA19139 PROCLIAS for supporting the STSM financially.