Task Group 2.2: Use of science in climate litigation cases


Create dialogue between scientists and the climate litigation community
Contribute to a better understanding in the scientific community of what scientific studies are needed to support climate litigation cases
Build capacity to develop scientific findings in the field of attribution
• Generate interesting research questions for analysis under WG2

• Develop ideas how the link to individual emitters could be incorporated more often into attribution studies
• COST tools: workshop of scientists and lawyers, webinars for lawyers / NGOs, target specific sectors e.g. health, labour
• Potential to develop (peer-reviewed) evidence in the context of ongoing / forthcoming litigation, according to need from the legal community

Task Group Leader

Rupert Stuart-Smith, Inga Menke

Task Group Contributors

Iliusi Vega del Valle, Elvira de Eyto, Aleš Urban, Stephanie Gleixner, Katarina Merganicova, Lisa Murken, Wim Thiery, Gabriela Morosanu, Louis-Francois Pau, Elina Dace