Task Group 4.3: Communication


  • The Communication strategy of PROCLIAS is intended to clarify some important and critical points about communication of the planned research activities from all the WGs.
  • Activation of communication tools (e.g., Twitter account, Youtube channel, project website). Different communication tools have been identified as useful to inform the wider scientific community and to reach out to a diverse set of stakeholders that PROCLIAS cost action members would like to interact with or inform.
  • PROCLIAS consortium aims to involve young students/ researchers to form a Twitter team, in order to publish at least one time per week (e.g., webinar announcements, articles of relevant importance, initiatives, etc.).
  • Visual identity of PROCLIAS (e.g., through creation and approvation of two official logos).

Task Group Leader

Adriano Sofo

Task Group Contributors

Adriano Sofo, Inga Menke, Ann Van Griensven, Francesco Reyes, Veronika Huber