Task Group 4.1: Generally interested in the work of WG4


  • Transferring the PROCLIAS knowledge to the community, in a different, cross-sectoral way. Management of Stakeholder and Engagement group under the PROCILAS project
  • Facilitating information exchange among scientists. Improving the skills of PROCLIAS scientists to communicate to a wide audience
  • Applying a common protocol for enhancing the scientific rigor of modelling studies and for opening up new ways of transparently communicating uncertainties to stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Disseminating information about the goals of the project, ongoing activities, progress, results and the potential benefits and opportunities of the work
  • Create learning tools to enhance the value and impact of public engagement with science
  • Explore ways of achieving high-quality, evidence-based, interdisciplinary science communication, targeting diverse audiences. Develop high-quality training in science communication.
  • Address the gap between the scientific community, policy makers, journalists and citizens/stakeholders.

Task Group Leader

Inga Menke, Ann van Griensven

Task Group Contributors

Quentin Lejeune, Andreas Zischg, Elenica Pjero Makbulenur Onur, Liliana Zaharia, Rupert Stuart-Smith, Francesco Reyes, Lukasz Jarzabek, Vytautas Akstinas, Masa Z. O. Sever, Gabriela Ioana-Toroimac, Camelia-Eliza Telteu, Marieke Frassl, Beti Angelevska, Gabriela Adina Morosanu, Iliusi Vega del Valle, Laura Dobor, Adriano Sofo, Francesco Reyes