Task Group 1.1: Land-use pattern for ISIMIP3


The goal of the TG is to facilitate the development of future global land-use pattern for impact simulations, especially for ISIMIP3b.

It contributes to the overall challenge of “develop common protocols, harmonized datasets and a joint understanding of how to conduct cross-sectoral, multi-model climate impact studies at regional and global scales allowing for attribution of impacts of recent climatic changes and robust projections of future climate impacts” and more specifically the Secondary objective 2 “Supporting the provision of harmonized datasets for global and regional climate impact simulation studies” and Secondary objective 3 “Providing common protocols for cross-sectoral climate impact simulations”.

Task Group Leader

Katja Frieler, Christopher Reyer

Task Group Contributors

Elke Stehfest, Petr Havlik, Hermann Lotze-Campen, Miodrag Stevanovic, Alexander Popp, Jonathan Doelmann, Christoph Müller, Benjamin Bodirsky, Edna Molina Bacca, Krisztin Tamas, Jan Volkholz