Task Group 1.11: Groundwater modeling protocol


We require impact assessments of groundwater under a changing climate. Looking at the AR6 report, almost no answers could be provided on how groundwater and its interaction with the rest of the water cycle will develop in the next 100-300 years.

A joint intercomparison of multiple regional and global groundwater models forced with an ensemble of global circulation models would enable the scientific community to provide a more robust assessment of groundwater related impacts. Furthermore, the comparison would also enable the improvement of our large-scale groundwater understanding.

Task Group Leader

Robert Reinecke

Task Group Contributors

 Yadu Pokhrel, Yoshiide Wada, Wim Thiery, Hannes Müller Schmied, Jacob Schewe, Laura Condon, Peter Burek, Inge de Graaf, Simon Gosling, and others