Task Group 3.2: Impact of heat on labour and mortality, incorporating adaptation effects


  • Conduct long-term (mid-century), spatially explicit assessment of impacts (km-scale) of heat on labour and productivity per (sub-)sector, including the consideration of adaptation mechanisms.
  • Coordinate and conduct local/regional/global ISIMIP3a type impact studies on labour and mortality, using detailed information on non-climatic drivers
  • Conduct case studies using micro-surveys while ensuring regional representation
  • Provide data on AC, green space etc. to be used in adaptation modelling for both labour and heat related mortality.

Task Group Leader

Shouro Dasgupta

Task Group Contributors

Elizabeth JZ Robinson, Simon Gosling, Shiri Zemah-Shamir, Katie Johson, Aleš Urban, David Bresch, Elina Dace, Franziska Piontek, Louis-Francois Pau, Veronika Huber, Wim Thiery, Wojtek Szewczyk, David Garcia Leon, Dolores Ibarreta, Anton Orlov, Francesco Bosello, Giacomo Falchetta