Task Group 3.2: Impact of heat on labour and mortality, incorporating adaptation effects


  • Conduct long-term (mid-century), spatially explicit assessment of impacts (km-scale) of heat on labour and productivity per (sub-)sector, including the consideration of adaptation mechanisms.
  • Coordinate and conduct local/regional/global ISIMIP3a type impact studies on labour and mortality, using detailed information on non-climatic drivers
  • Conduct case studies using micro-surveys while ensuring regional representation
  • Provide data on AC, green space etc. to be used in adaptation modelling for both labour and heat related mortality.

Task Group Leader

Shouro Dasgupta


Shouro Dasgupta et al.: Effects of climate change on combined labour productivity and supply: an empirical, multi-model study

K. R. van Daalen et al.: The 2022 Europe report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: towards a climate resilient future

Workshop in Venice (Report)