Task Group 3.9: Global water quality modelling protocol


Develop a modelling protocol for global water quality. No such protocol exists yet.

  • Bridge water, lake and agricultural land use
  • River-ocean linkages could also be considered here
  • Hydrological inputs required for considering water quality
  • Need for a dedicated workshop on dedicated global-scale water quality modelling.
  • Merge landscape modelling and water quality modelling
  • Hydrothermal modelling is current focus of lake sector, but the models have water quality modules for other water systems (e.g., rivers, groundwater) and the modellers have the expertise to simulate and analyse the output. incorporation is long-term project
  • PROCLIAS can provide funding for a workshop

Task Group Leader

Maryna Strokal

Task Group Contributors

Sam Rabin, Agnieszka Kolada, Don Pierson, Ann van Griensven, Tom Shatwell, Alo Laas, Martina Flörke, Marieke Frassl, Simon Gosling, Ilga Kokorite, Michelle van Vliet, Yadu Pokhrel, Sebastian Sobek, R. Iestyn Woolway, Maria Paula Sofio Silva Mendes

Note: Task Group 1.10 and 3.9 have been merged.